A Considered Approach

Our method of sourcing coffee is extremely exciting. Not just because we have access to some amazing coffee, although that is great. We are excited because you never know what you are going to find next.

We will not be offering the broadest range of coffees out there nor will we be offering a myriad of different roasting styles just for the sake of it. Our featured offering will always be focused and in-season based on what we feel is the best out there at any point in time.

And just as season’s come and go, our coffees will come and go. That is because most countries that produce coffee only experience one harvest per year. The exception to this being countries such as Colombia and Kenya who produce a “fly” crop of usually lower quality, less developed coffee.

Like any fresh or natural product cultivated from natural growing conditions, coffees fade pretty quickly from a flavor point of view. The difference between a Brazilian coffee harvested say four months ago compared to one from nine months ago is stark. Baggy tastes tend to rear their head and flavours can become flat and bland for example.

Two countries we are focusing on at the moment are Brazil and Rwanda. Through our friends at Melbourne Coffee Merchants, we have selected four superb lots to create our espresso blend and feature on espresso and filter as single origins. They were all harvested around July 2013 and all are as fresh as access permits given the distance from origin. These are what we call ‘fresh crop’ coffees which are brimming with flavor and ready to go!

Far from regretting the final roast of these coffees, we will then look forward to an influx of more ‘fresh crop’ from places like Bolivia, Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as Central America mid next year. The cycle continues!

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