Our Roasting Philosophy

We have a pretty simple approach here at The Single Guys. We love tasty things, enjoy developing relationships with people and seek to try different things in our business. This is why we love to be in control of as many factors in our business and in particular, why we roast our own coffee. With many people asking about our roasting process, I thought it might be interesting to elaborate a little.

We take a simple approach to our roasting style and philosophy. We select coffee that is fresh, is clean and distinct in flavour, and then we roast it in such a way to expose the inherent sweetness in the bean. Generally, we roast a bit lighter than most.

We believe that top quality coffee does not need a huge degree of caramelisation during the roast. This is because high grown, slow maturing coffees have a naturally high degree of sugar, which when revealed, is sweeter than burnt sugars introduced by dark roasting. So to get technical, as soon as we hear first crack (you can Google this or perhaps I’ll explain in another post) in our roast, we pretty much sit within a window of 1:45-2:15 minutes after that and then we spill it out to cool. This allows us to roast a bit quicker and preserve a good amount of acidity, or “zing” over the process. We generally don’t have the coffee in the drum for more than 12 minutes in total.

While those volatile aromatics are lost as we start to pass our window, we try to preserve as many as possible. Our quality control at the cupping table generally vindicates our roasting style and over the various brew methods, we mostly achieve complex, clean and focused flavours. We taste and evaluate our coffee extensively to ensure nothing is left to chance.

As we build new relationships with farmers and importers of great coffee, we are excited about our quality heading north and offering our friends a great offering of delicious coffee! I will be sure to elaborate more in the coming weeks.